"It's fun putting your name in songs!"

Another terrific throwback--here, not just a revisiting but a reimagining--and Miley remembers her words better than Aly & AJ do.


Also This

Is it clear that I'm excited? Though the fact that their forthcoming album is called 10 Years--shockingly, the amount of time elapsed since their last one--kind of makes me feel old. Tempus fugit!

Anyway, Aly and AJ were excellent. As a refresher:

Exhibit A: "Potential Breakup Song" (in its original form)

Exhibit B: "Bullseye"

Exhibit C: "Blush" (their best ballad, which still sounds flawless)

They were well and truly at the vanguard of 2000s teenpop. Around that period, I spent a lot of time and words championing them, Amy Diamond, early Miley Cyrus (!), early Taylor Swift (!!), and Girls Aloud (not teenpop strictly speaking, but its regal godmothers). A decade on, most of it has held up pretty well!


2000s Teenpop Lives (kind of)!

Aly & AJ are back! With a terrific new single! And with a video by Alex Ross Perry, no less. (Also, Teresa just noticed that all-grown-up Aly plays Liv's roommate on iZombie, which blew my mind more than it probably should have.) Now, I'm actively pulling for an Amy Diamond comeback!


Ready to Wear

I like this second Reputation single much more than the first one, and better still when I pretend that it's not a Taylor Swift song at all--but, say, a new Selena Gomez album track, or by some up-and-coming pop ingenue with whom I'm as yet unfamiliar. My lack of interest in Swift-as-Celebrity-Person is equalled by my continuing affection for her first three records, and, to a lesser extent, her full-pop-turn stuff, sans "-country" qualifier. But this is fun and hooky, and where the debut single felt anonymous while purporting to be "personal," this quick-on-its-heels follow-up is unambiguously anonymous, which at least accommodates more flexibility in how we can listen to it. Which is to say, I won't mind hearing it play in clothing stores, etc. from now till the new year.

[Edit, later, same day: Actually, I really just like this, maybe a lot, and especially the slightly drawn-out, just slightly stressed vowel sounds: "see," "do" "dreams."]