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Perhaps Thomas Jefferson didn't exactly write, "Every man has two countries - his own and France"--but he should have.

Nous sommes tous Français.

Nous sommes tous Parisiens.


Holy shit!

This track off the new Grimes record is amazing and addictive. I can't stop listening to it.


Reasons to be Thankful
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Situated between the Canadian and American Thanksgivings:

01. Family
02. Friends
03. The Dawn of the Justin Trudeau Era
04. The End of the Stephen Harper Era
05. Carly Rae Jepsen
06. John Oliver
07. Donald Trump's (finally) faltering poll numbers (though isn't Carson in some respects just the kinder, gentler, less-racist-only-by-default Trump?)
08. Despite Grantland's sad demise, FiveThirtyEight is still with us (for now anyway).
09. It is 18ºC/65ºF on Nov. 2nd in NYC.
10. See above re. family/friends. Also: Trudeau/Harper. (I miss Canada :()