Holy Shit!

After, perhaps, the most quintessentially "Twin Peaks'y" episode of the reboot thus far (i.e., the episode most reminiscent of the original series and its "quirky" charms), the new one might be the most radical hour of American TV ever, and, really, as radical as anything Lynch has done in any medium. It's also, I think, the most legibly "religious"--Christian and otherwise--thing Lynch has made to date. Granted, I have an inclination to read things in a theological/allegorical light, but: the Lazarus-like resurrection of Bad Cooper; the nuclear testing ushering in a new, sinister Age of Man, making new forms of evil possible (like a Tree of Life building to the miraculous birth of Bob!) and/or opening up our world to primordial evils lying in wait, in some other dimension, of which the Black Lodge is a part; Laura Palmer emerging from the (God)head of the Giant and then sent forth into the world; the tramp's message over the radio, which sounded like some cryptic utterance of Jesus, marked out in red lettering; the young woman ostensibly "impregnated" not by her suitor but by some abomination spawned from the nuclear test; the very idea of the atomic/nuclear technology itself being dangerously, even apocalyptically transgressive, in the sense of humans using a kind of modern alchemy to effect destruction and death on a wholly unprecedented scale, in contrast to the previous ages of the world, wherein it was assumed that only G/god(s) could end worlds.

Also: Nine Inch Nails, the Middle School Me's favorite band!