Top 100 Films of the Half-Decade: 2010-14
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01. The Tree of Life (Malick)
02. Boyhood (Linklater)
03. Before Midnight (Linklater)
04. To the Wonder (Malick)
05. The Immigrant (Gray)
06. Karamay (Xu)
07. Goodbye to Language (Godard)
08. Meek’s Cutoff (Reichardt)
09. Mr. Turner (Leigh)
10. Blue Is the Warmest Color (Kechiche)

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11. Beyond the Hills (Mungiu)
12. The Deep Blue Sea (Davies)
13. Margaret (Lonergan)
14. Greenberg (Baumbach)
15. Barbara (Petzold)
16. Lincoln (Spielberg)
17. Of Gods and Men (Beauvois)
18. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Apichatpong)
19. Kill List (Wheatley)
20. Clouds of Sils Maria (Assayas)

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21. The Turin Horse (Tarr)
22. Only Lovers Left Alive (Jarmusch)
23. The Social Network (Fincher)
24. The Lords of Salem (Zombie)
25. Phoenix (Petzold)
26. The Act of Killing (Oppenheimer)
27. This Is Not a Film (Panahi)
28. The Past (Farhadi)
29. Like Someone in Love (Kiarostami)
30. Inside Llewyn Davis (Coen/Coen)
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31. Spring Breakers (Korine)
32. Almayer’s Folly (Akerman)

33. Zero Dark Thirty (Bigelow)
34. Two Days, One Night (Dardenne/Dardenne)
35. The Homesman (Jones)
36. Melancholia (von Trier)
37. The Cabin in the Woods (Goddard)
38. Moneyball (Miller)
39. The Golden Era (Hui)
40. Love Is Strange (Sachs)

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41. Film Socialisme (Godard)
42. Toy Story 3 (Unkrich)
43. Force Majeure (Östlund)
44. The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Takahata)
45. Bernie (Linklater)
46. The To Do List (Carey)
47. Stories We Tell (Polley)
48. Resident Evil: Retribution (Anderson)
49. Stray Dogs (Tsai)
50. Rhymes for Young Ghouls (Barnaby)

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51. Holy Motors (Carax)
52. The Loneliest Planet (Loktev)
53. 12 Years a Slave (McQueen)
54. A Dangerous Method (Cronenberg)
55. All Is Lost (Chandor)
56. The Secret of Kells (Moore/Twomey)
57. Young Adult (Reitman)
58. Winter’s Bone (Granik)
59. Somewhere (Coppola)
60. A Separation (Farhadi)

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61. Like Father, Like Son (Koreeda)
62. If It's Not Now, Then When? (Lee)
63. Black Death (Smith)
64. The Ghost Writer (Polanski)
65. Silver Linings Playbook (Russell)
66. Much Ado About Nothing (Whedon)
67. Winter Sleep (Ceylan)
68. The Tiger Factory (Woo)
69. I Wish I Knew (Jia)
70. Carlos (Assayas)

 photo 26bluebeard_CA0-articleLarge_zpsc4qpy3dw.jpg
71. Bluebeard (Breillat)
72. Air Doll (Koreeda)
73. Bridesmaids (Feig)
74. The Hunt (Vinterberg)
75. The Skin I Live In (Almodovar)
76. The Bling Ring (Coppola)
77. A Touch of Sin (Jia)
78. Starry Eyes (Kolsch/Widmeyer)
79. The Babadook (Kent)
80. Our Sunhi (Hong)

 photo The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_41233_zpsqrdpwixk.jpg
81. The Wolf of Wall Street (Scorsese)
82. Dream Home (Pang)
83. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (Ceylan)
84. Gravity (Cuaron)
85. Postcards from the Zoo (Edwin)
86. Life without Principle (To)
87. Frances Ha (Baumbach)
88. Life of Riley (Resnais)
89. Winter Vacation (Li)
90. The Boxtrolls (Stacchi/Annable)

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91. Song of the Sea (Moore)
92. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher)
93. Magic Mike (Soderbergh)
94. The Mill and the Cross (Majewski)
95. A Year without Summer (Tan)
96. The Adventures of Tintin (Spielberg)
97. Black Coal, Thin Ice (Diao)
98. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Anderson)
99. A Field in England (Wheatley)
100. East Meets West (Lau)


Song of the Summer?

Song of the Summer.