My review of A Prairie Home Companion is up at Stylus.


So...we're back. Still in love. Still engaged. Not in Vancouver anymore. Sober. Not in an arcade.

Here are some pictures from our trip.


We're in love. We're engaged. We're in Vancouver. We're a little bit drunk. We're in an arcade.

P.S. Wish us luck!

-Teresa and Josh
Half of What I Say Is Meaning Less

Weird fact: It's easy to forget how to listen to the Beatles. This is worth noting simply because I can think of few, if any, similar cases.

Which is to say, I can't imagine forgetting how to listen to Van Morrison or Madonna or Missy. Or, for that matter, Plastic Ono Band or "Maybe I'm Amazed," though, I should note, I only recently figured out how to listen to "My Sweet Lord" in the first place.

Granted, I can almost always put on, say, "Don't Let Me Down" or "Happy Just to Dance with You," but how often do I feel like hearing both? Far less often, at any rate, than I'd care to play "Brown-Eyed Girl," "Crazy Love," and "T.B. Sheets" back to back to back. The point isn't that the Beatles' recorded catalogue is merely more diverse than that of any other popular artist--it may or may not be, but that's hardly a new or worthwhile discussion anyway--nor is it singles versus long-players either.

"Happy Just to Dance with You" is popcraft as unbridled ebullience, as harmlessly vicarious a rush of blood to the head as any Astaire-Rogers classic. "Don't Let Me Down" is an impossibly urgent chorus in search of a song to wrap itself up in like a warm, familiar blanket. And, of course, they're both absolutely perfect.

More thoughts later, possibly...


Okay, so we're a little late to the party, but Josh and I are freaking over the fact that our darling Lily Allen has a second mixtape. It's less spontaneous than the first, and there's a decidedly smaller dose of actual Lily-made music; but it's still good enough that we can forgive her for also using "Put You On the Game." Plus, she included one of my most favoritest songs ever--"White Rabbit." Her album's been leaked already, drops (apparently) July 17th, and as if she needs any more buzz (who knows if she even wants it?). But, hey, she really is that awesome, so I'm happy to give it.


Proof that great minds don't always think alike: Teresa and me on Blue Velvet.

So, Josh and I made a podcast of some songs we dig. Subscribe in iTunes with this link, or click the above image for the mp3. If all goes well, we'll do one each month. Enjoy, and stuff!

(Thanks to the lovely Astor for hosting the file.)