Single of the Year

But not the first time you hear it. You're just like, "Right, they're back. Sweet." And then the second or third or fourth time it starts to do things. (Like convince you for three and a half minutes that it's July and not November. Or that videos of normal people dancing are coolly DIY.)

It came as a surprise to me, too.

Nearing the home-stretch, I thought it had to be Adele. Why? Because even the Linkin Park version is good and everybody sings along. (Plus the CBC Stanley Cup finals clip [but that didn't work out so well...])

Or maybe it should be "E.T." because of the stuttered consonants on the chorus--and as much for the "pockets on Shrek/rockets on deck" bit as in spite of it.

Or even "I Just Had Sex" for perfectly capturing, and encapsulating, a specific feeling when Akon sings "and my dreams came true," then blasts off into the stratosphere. (Perhaps to join Alien Katy Perry?)

All fine candidates, but no; when Lovefoxxx drops

We have too many bruises, from too much kissing
And the only pain would be from too much missing

it's game over.